Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a larger team, ‘The Grid’ provides you an opportunity to plug in to a network of financial professionals while maintaining your independence and brand identity.

Through our relationship with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., we are able to provide turnkey solutions tailored specifically to your needs and your business model.

Independence. Service. Choice.

Elements critical to today’s financial professional, yet still elusive for some.

Partnering with The Independent Grid provides advisors the opportunity to maintain their independence and brand identity and better service the varying financial needs of their clientele.

From practice management and in-house business development support, to robust advisory platforms and multi-custodial options partnered with an advisor-centric compliance program, The Grid provides any advisor the ability to plug in to those tools and resources best suited to the needs of their practice and clientele.

Should you need administrative support, The Grid’s Remote Admin Program is designed to offer a cost effective solution to meet the administrative demands of our industry, while minimizing the cost and time spent on these tasks.